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With years of experience,
Le Vernici Italia, Inc. provides high-quality wood finishing solutions by partnering with reputable manufacturers and pursuing
new and innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact.

Our company is backed by long years of experience in developing innovative, high-quality solutions, and customized systems for the wood finishing industry.


We have partnered with reputable manufacturers over the years in bringing these quality finishing solutions to the Philippine market.

As the world faces the growing challenges of climate change, Le Vernici Italia, Inc. is committed to making our products environmental-friendly. We are continuously developing wood-finishing solutions through cutting-edge technologies to produce painting solutions that have minimal impact on the environment.


To this end, we have begun introducing UV technology, waterborne, and combination systems as alternatives to solvents to offer our customers environmentally compliant systems.

To provide clean, innovative, cost-efficient, and environmentally-compliant solutions to our customers to make them highly competitive in securing projects.

To source, develop, and provide our customers with top quality, technologically advanced, and environmentally compliant solutions for the wood working and allied industries at competitive costs to support our customers in achieving their goals of delivering high quality projects to their clients.

To enhance the professional and technical advancement of our staff so they can provide the best customer care and technical support to our customers.

To contribute to the upliftment of wood finishing industry through active participation in professional organizations and initiatives.

Our company upholds these fundamental values that serve as the foundation of our culture, decision-making processes, and behavior.

Excellence through innovation

Best customer care through highly skilled technical support

Business integrity through staff training and development

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